R9.0 & 9.1 Edition Licenses

Avaya IP Office R9 VM PRO ADI License - 8 Port (275673)

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Avaya IP Office R9 VM PRO ADI License - 8 Ports - 275673

The Avaya IP Office R9 VM Pro License includes support for messaging ports for users with the ability for the total number of messaging ports to increase with addition of specific licenses.


  • Can handle the messaging requirements of small or medium organizations
  • Allows for message handling for individuals or groups -
    Provides information to callers
    Assisting the operator during periods of heavy call activity
    Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Dial Back Users - Internally or Externally
  • Number of messaging ports can be increased by adding combinations of certain licenses -
  • Up to the maximum supported by the particular IP Office control unit (IP500/IP500 V2 = 40)
  • Compatibility

    • Compatible with IP Office R6.0 - R9.1 systems
    • Additional licenses may be required
    • Will NOT work on R10.0 or higher

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