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Avaya IP Office R11 TTS Pro Linux PLDS License (396315)

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Avaya IP Office R11 TTS Pro Linux PLDS License (396315) - R11.0

The Avaya IP Office R11 TTS Pro Linux PLDS License (396315) is an additional messaging license that enables Voicemail Pro TTS Professional. Additional Messaging Licenses require the Preferred Edition Voicemail Pro license and a prerequisite. TTS can be used within customized voicemail call flows to speak information to callers rather than having to record prompts for the call flow or results of IVR queries. This license will behave the same as the ScanSoft license (396314) does on Windows, except for Linux.

Note: As of Release 10.0, IP Office uses the Avaya Product Licensing and Delivery System (PLDS) to manage licenses and ADI licenses are no longer supported. PLDS is an online, web-based tool for managing license entitlements and electronic delivery of software and related license files.


  • Enables Voicemail Pro TTS Professional
  • Voicemail Pro can provide simultaneous TTS sessions up to the number of licenses installed
  • Email Reading, SpeakText and Record Prompt functionality
  • Voicemail Pro on Windows will ignore the TTS Pro license and Voicemail Pro on Linux will ignore the TTS ScanSoft license


  • Compatible with IP Office R11 systems with Linux Voicemail Pro
  • Will NOT work on releases lower than R11.0
  • Requires Preferred Edition Voicemail Pro as a prerequisite.

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