R10.0 & R10.1 Edition Licenses

Avaya IP Office R10 Preferred Edition PLDS License (383128)

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Avaya IP Office R10 Preferred Edition PLDS License (383128) - R10.0 & R10.1

The Avaya IP Office R10 Preferred Edition PLDS License is a prerequisite for any user profile licenses. In a multisite network, the Preferred Edition license of the central system is automatically shared with other systems in the network, enabling user profile licenses on those other systems. However, each system supporting a Voicemail Pro server still requires its own Preferred Edition license for Voicemail Pro operation. For a IP500 V2 system fitted with a Unified Communications Module (UCM V2), the card requires a separate Preferred Edition license.

The Preferred Edition license includes support for 4 messaging ports. The total number of messaging ports supported can be increased by adding additional messaging port licenses, at the time of purchase or later, up to the maximum supported by the particular control unit.

Note: As of Release 10.0, IP Office uses the Avaya Product Licensing and Delivery System (PLDS) to manage licenses and ADI licenses are no longer supported. PLDS is an online, web-based tool for managing license entitlements and electronic delivery of software and related license files.


  • Upgrades IP Office Essential Edition to IP Office Preferred Edition
  • Required for the use of Power Worker, Office Worker, and Teleworker user licenses, as well as some other applications
  • Includes 4 channels of Preferred Edition voicemail
  • Requires IP Office Essential Edition PLDS License (383125)
  • Requires a dedicated PC or Server
  • Expands to 40 Channels with additional licenses
  • Not a required prerequisite for Server Edition


  • Compatible with IP Office R10.0 and 10.1 Essential Edition systems
  • Will NOT work on releases lower than R10.0
  • For IP500 V2 only

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