R9.0 & 9.1 Edition Licenses

Avaya IP Office Preferred Voicemail Pro ADI License (275653) R9

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Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition ADI License (275653, R9)

The Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition ADI License will provide users with advances to their system such as messaging, automated attendant and conferencing.


  • Enables Advanced Messaging, Multi-Level Automated Attendant and Secure Meet-Me Conferencing
  • Call Recording, Conditional Call Routing, Text to Speech (TTS) and Queue Announcements
  • For a IP500 V2 System fitted with a Unified Communications Module -
    the presence of the card acts as an automatic Preferred Edition License
  • In a multi-site network, the Preferred Edition License of the central system is
    automatically shared with other systems in the network - enabling user profile licenses
    on those other systems


  • Essential Edition License is a pre-requisite for this license on IP500 V2 system
  • Each system supporting a Voicemail Pro Server requires its own Preferred Edition Licenses for VM PRO Operation
  • Compatible with IP Office R6.0 - R9.1 systems
  • Additional licenses may be required
  • Will NOT work on R10.0 or higher

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