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Avaya IP Office Tele-Worker License - 20 User (227057)

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Avaya IP Office Tele-Worker License - 20 User - 227057

Users working from home (or elsewhere) without an Internet connection to the office, this User Profile is ideal for. In partnership with an Avaya IP Phone (5610, 5621) it allows the functions allowing them to be the Head Office system, either through the built-in VPN capability of their IP Phone. The ability to leverage the PSTN/ISDN via Telecommuter Mode, without receiving any remote phone charges.

The Tele-Worker license allows user to use VPN phone, Phone Manager Pro and one-X portal for IP Office. The license instances are consumed for each user being configured.


  • For IP Office R5.0+

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  • Avaya IP Office Tele Worker License - 20 User (227057)

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