R9.0 & 9.1 Trunk Licenses

Avaya IP Office Voice Networking 4 ADI License R9 (275642)

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Avaya IP Office Voice Networking 4 ADI License (275642,R9)

Voice networking channel licenses within the IP500 are needed for the use of private voice networking trunks between IP500 control units. H323 IP trunks setup on the IP500 including IP trunks being used for an IP Office Small Community Network (SCN). For the use of trunks configured to the QSIG operation, voice networking license is also required. H232 IP trunk, a license instance is consumed for each simultaneous outgoing call. Incoming calls do not use a license. Number of calls are limited by the trunk type rather than available licenses on the QSIG trunk.


  • IP500 Voice Networking (Additional Channels) License: IPO IP500 VCE NTWK 4 ADI LIC (275642, R9)
  • This license enables 4 voice networking channels including the Advanced Networking features (distributed groups and hot-desking across Small Community Network)
  • Additional licenses can be added to achieve the number of voice networking channels required


  • Compatible with IP Office R6.0 - R9.1 systems
  • Additional licenses may be required
  • Will NOT work on R10.0 or higher

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