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Avaya Preferred Edition - Voicemail Pro IP Office 500 (171991)

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Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition - Voicemail Pro (171991)

The Avaya IP Office Voicemail Pro features everything the Voicemail Lite has and can be fitted to meet the personal necessities of a business. VMP has an increased call capacity by scaling up from 4 to 30 simultaneous calls. Choice in language are one of the options users can access. Spoken voice prompts and graphical programming interfaces have the selection of either IP Office TUI and INTUTITY emulation TUI.

The main component of Voicemail Pro is the power to construct call flows from a series of different building blocks. Voicemail Pro call flows provides more than just leading the way for users to group or extensions they require. Call flows enables Voicemail Pro to take a message left for the user and dial back as soon as it is received. This allows users with remote access to phone forward settings to change their forwarding or follow me number from external phones.


  • Graphic interface through Voicemail Pro client
  • IVR for individual business requirements
  • Support for broadcasting group messages
  • Personal numbering
  • Audiotex and Auto-attendant capabilities
  • Sophisticated queue announcement facilities
  • Automatic and On Demand Call Recording with options for ContactStore search and replay of previous saved messages
  • Campaign Manager: Questionnaire Mailboxes and Voice Forms
  • Database information for IVR systems are accessible
  • Personal Distribution lists
  • Tag information will be gathered from database to call and deliver it with the call to an agent
  • Support for Visual Basic script to enable the set up of the voicemail system through VB scripts instead of Voicemail Pro call flows
  • Extended Personal Greetings to personalize information presented to a caller
  • TTS facilities to allow emails to be read over a telephone or for database information to be read to a caller in multiple languages (14)
  • Housekeeping facilities for the management of messages
  • Automatic detection and routing of fax calls for Auto Attendants within a subscriber's voicemail box.
  • Forwarding of voicemail messages to Email systems with the use of SMTP
  • UMS offers voice mail: email synchronization between Voicemail Pro server and email client
  • Voicemail Pro Web Access allows access to voicemails through a web interface
  • Supports a range of INTUITY telephone user interface features in INTUITY emulation mode
  • Recording of system prompts through the telephone handset or using multimedia facilities on a PC
  • Speaking Clock
  • Languages supported: 22
  • TTY support for hearing impaired
  • Centralized voicemail within a multi-site IP Office environment
  • Networked Messaging with other Avaya voicemail systems
  • Up to 30 ports, depends on IP Office Control Unit
  • Voicemail channels between Voicemail Pro and IP Office can be saved for business critical functions or left unreserved for any function
  • Access and control of voicemail through IP and digital terminal display
  • Improved voice recording, recording of calls made over IP endpoints
  • User start points in Voicemail Pro include Queued and Still Queued options

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