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Avaya IP Office R10+ IP Endpoint PLDS License (383110)

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Avaya IP Office R10+ IP Endpoint PLDS License (383110) - R10.0+

All Avaya IP phones, including DECT and Wi-Fi phones, require an Avaya IP Endpoint license and will consume one instance of that license. This does not apply to the Avaya Softphone or Avaya Communicator. Avaya IP phones without a license will still be able to register but will be limited to making emergency calls only. The phone will display "No license available" and "Emergency Calls Only." If a license becomes available, it will be assigned to any unlicensed DECT handsets first and then to any other unlicensed Avaya IP phone in the order that the phones registered.

Note: As of Release 10.0, IP Office uses the Avaya Product Licensing and Delivery System (PLDS) to manage licenses and ADI licenses are no longer supported. PLDS is an online, web-based tool for managing license entitlements and electronic delivery of software and related license files.


  • Allows use of Avaya IP telephones and conferencing solutions
  • This license includes 1 single instance to support 1 Avaya device
  • Each device will also require an open VCM channel.


  • Compatible with IP Office R10+ systems
  • Will NOT work on releases lower than R10.0

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