Merlin Legend Phone Sets (MLX)

Avaya Merlin MLX 60-Button DDS Expansion Module (604B1-003)

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Merlin Legend MLX 60-Button DDS Line Expansion Module (604B1-003)

The Merlin Legend MLX DSS Console attaches to the Legend MLX-20L or MLX-28D telephones with a blue tip cord. The MLX DSS shows who is on what line and allows one-touch transferring for up to 50 extension numbers.


  • Has 50 buttons
  • Shift Key can be pressed to access another 50 buttons
  • Allows one touch transfering
  • Can be desk mounted or wall mounted
  • Must be used on Lucent Legend phone system
  • One year warranty included with extended warranty options available!


  • Compatible with MLX 20L or MLX 28D voice terminals

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