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Avaya IP Office IP Endpoint Licenses - 20 Users - R6 (229447)

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Avaya IP Office IP Endpoint License - 20 Users - (R6) - 229447

Avaya IP phones (including DECT and Wi-Fi phones) require an Avaya IP Endpoint license. Licenses are consumed by each Avaya IP phone that registers with that system.

Note: this does not apply to the Avaya IP Office Softphone.


  • Avaya IP Endpoint License are required for all Avaya Endpoints such as 1600, 5600, 9600 and DECT 3720/25.
  • For each IP500 VCM32 and IP500 VCM64 card installed in the system, the 4 unlicensed VCM channels previously provided by each card are converted to allow unlicensed support of 12 Avaya IP phones.


  • For IP Office R6.0

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