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Avaya CTI Link Pro RFA License IP Office 500 (171988)

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Avaya IP Office CTI RFA (171988)

Avaya CTI Link will bring enhanced productivity to your business. Bridging the gap between telephone system and business applications is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).

Avaya CTI Link is a fully features based on CTI middleware and Software Developers Kit.

Computer telephony integration delivered through the IP Office CTI Link Lite. It has rapid integration with third-party productivity applications.

The CTI Link includes important information on screen pop-ups. Accessing screen-pop a contacts information to an agent when the call is answered or when it rings in featured in IP Office CTI Link, providing Microsoft TAPI. No charge for the Lite version, it enables screen-popping for as many agents as needed.

CTI Link adherence to open stands gives users access to wide variety of third-party solutions. Developers, moving their offering from other platforms to IP office is quick and easy. Advanced CTI features IP Office offers makes it easy to demonstrate full and complete integration.

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