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BCM50 Basic Call Center SW Authorization Code (NTKC0200)

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BCM50 Basic Call Center SW Authorization Code.

The Norstar Basic Call Center system is for both Call Pilot 100/150 and works in conjunction with the Norstar Compact and Modular Integrated Communications Systems.


  • Up to 20 configured agents
  • Two skill sets
  • 10 active agents
  • 20 routing steps/skillset
  • 30 built-in announcements
  • 15 lines
  • 2 skillset mailboxes
  • 20 intelligent overflow rules/skillsets
  • 15 simultaneous incoming calls to the system
  • Agents can be supervisors
  • Fully functional informal Call Center featuring call queuing, routing, optional reporting, and Supervisory functions.


  • BCM50 R1 ONLY

Product Code

  • NTKC0200

Two purchasing options:

*Without: Nortel BCM Dealer will authorize code for you

**With: Purchase authorization code with activation

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