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About Unified Messaging Service (UMS)

About Unified Messaging Service (UMS)

Unified Messaging Service (UMS) is being introduced to replace the Integrated Messaging Solution (IMS). While it delivers almost the same functionality that was available on IMS, the UMS solution dramatically simplifies the installation and configuration. It delivers the user with two client interfaces through which voicemail messages can be retrieved from VoiceMail Pro.

Voice Mail Synchronization via IMAP
Email applications such as Outlook which support IMAP can connect to an IMAP server integrated with the VoiceMail Pro server.

When using a mail client new voice mails arrive as an email with wave attachment and the user can handle them like every other email. If a voicemail has been listened to, its status will change to “read” everywhere. If the user deletes it, it will be deleted everywhere.
Users that have UMS access enabled just need to add an additional email account to their client to be able to use the unified messaging features.
The instructions how to add this account and configure the web address for the VoiceMail Pro Web Access can be provided by an administrator email without the need for system administration or Business Partner support.

VoiceMail Pro Web Access
The second interface the UMS license offers to the users is a web interface allowing voicemail access via a web browser, such as IE7 or Mozilla Firefox, with the ability to listen to targeted voicemails by using either the PC’s multimedia equipment or the desk phone.

Unified Messaging Services web services requires the VoiceMail Pro installation to be on a server with IIS pre-installed. In addition, the VoiceMail Pro web services option must be selected during installation.
Once installed, the system will require the following additional configuration:

  • UMS licenses (for the number of users that will be configured to use UMS)
  • The users selected for UMS support must be enabled by the system administrator in Manager
  • Each user must have a voicemail passcode (a blank passcode is not acceptable)

As the UMS solution is not reliant on integration with Exchange significant savings are made in the cost of installation and maintenance.

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