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Avaya Definity TN429D DIOD (TN429D)

by Avaya

Avaya Definity TN429D DIOD (TN429D)
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The TN429D DOID (Direct inward/outward dialing) provides up to 8 ports. Each port provides a 2-wire interface to the central office(CO) public exchange for incoming and outgoing calls. CO provides caller names and numbers to the TN429D. Caller numbers will be displayed on the Definity digital voice terminals (DCP and BRI) equipped with a 32 or 40 character alphanumeric display.


  • Ports for DOID: 8
  • 2-wire interface per port
  • Supported terminals: System 25/Merlin, 7315H, and 7317H
  • One Year Warranty Included with Extended Warranty Options at Low Prices!

Package Includes

  • TN429D DIOD
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