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TN2302AP IP Media Processor (700394604)

by Avaya

TN2302AP IP Media Processor (700394604)
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Description of the TN2302AP IP Media Processor

The TN2302AP IP Media Processor provides VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) audio access to the switch for local stations and outside trunks using H.323 audio platform.


  • Supports hairpin connections and shuffling of calls between TDM connections and IP-IP direct connections
  • Can perform echo cancellation, silence suppression, fax relay service, DTMF detection, and conferencing
  • Can be updated using the firmware download feature
  • Supports fax, TTY and modem calls over corporate intranet using pass-through mode
  • Supports 64kbps clear channel transport in support of BRI secure telephones and data appliances (does not include support for H.320 video)
  • SupportsT.38 Fax over the Internet and modem tones over corporate intranet
  • Requires 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Interface
  • One Year Warranty Included with Extended Warranty Options at Low Prices!

Package Includes

  • TN2302AP IP Media Processor

Package Includes

  • TN2302AP IP Media Processor Card
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