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TN2211 Optical Drive

by Avaya

TN2211 Optical Drive
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Description of the TN2211 Optical Drive

The TN2211 Optical Drive is a replacement for the TN1656 Tape Drive in Definity ECS R8r. This card will grant removable storage for software upgrades, announcement file backups, core dumps, and translation backups. Backup time will take an estimate of 20 minutes, whereas TN1656 can take up to 95 minutes.


  • Replaces the TN1656
  • Adds removable storage for software upgrades, translation backups, announcement file backups, core dumps.
  • Full backup takes on average 20 minutes
  • One Year Warranty Included with Extended Warranty Options at Low Prices!

Package Includes

  • TN2211 Optical Drive Card
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