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Partner Messaging R7.0 (0-6 Port) 700323207

by Avaya (700323207)

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Description of the Partner Messaging R7.0 (0-6 Port) - (700323207)

The Partner Messaging R7.0 is a messaging system that will provide users with an expandable device for their Partner System. The Partner Messaging R7.0 will offer users either a 0-port, 2-port, 4-port or 6-port. This module also includes multiple features that will increase productivity throughout the workplace.


  • 200 Mailboxes with 6000 minutes (100 Hours) of storage - Configures up to 200 subscribers
  • Expandable from 2-Ports to 4 or 6-Ports - Expands easily from 2 to 4 or 6-Ports for future growth and optimal performance.
  • Easy Administration - Administer the Partner Messaging R7.0 through a system display telephone (Partner 18D, Partner 34D) or through your LAN using a Windows based PC and easy to use administration software.
  • Automated Attendant Service - Provides four Automated Attendants, each of which can answer different lines.
  • Submenu Service - Provides up to 99 submenus shared among all Automated Attendants for additional user selections.
  • Dial By Name Directory - Users can easily locate the extension of their party with a dial by name directory.
  • Call Answer Service - Prompts caller to leave a message or transfer to another extension or transfer to a personal operator when the called party does not answer.
  • Voice Mail Service.
  • Unified Messaging Application - Enables mailbox users to integrate and manage voice mail and email messages using their PC's email client.
  • Mailbox Management Made Simple - Easily manage and administer your mailbox directly through a LAN connection and your PC's internet browser using Partner Messaging's www.messenger software.
  • Night Service - Provides after-hours service in addition to daytime service.
  • Phantom Mailbox programming allows multiple extensions to share the same destination mailbox


  • Compatible with Partner Plus or Partner II systems release 3.1 or higher
  • Compatible with Partner ACS Release 1.0 or higher
  • Requires 2, 4, or 6-Port PC Card - Not Included.
  • The Partner Messaging R7.0 is compatible with Partner Plus or Partner II systems release 3.1 or higher.
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