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Partner ACS R6.0 Processor (700216054)

308 Processor Card Partner

Partner ACS R6.0 Processor (700216054)
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Partner ACS R6.0 Processor (700216054)

The Partner ACS R6.0 Processor will now support up to 2 Partner ACS 012E expansion modules which expands the existing station capacity maximum to 48.


  • 3-line ports and 8 station ports
  • Provides support for up to 4 existing Partner Endeaver 362EC expansion modules
  • T1 Module (Fractional T1). Enables use of fractional T1 with up to 16 voice lines
  • DID Service Feature Operation (Requires T1 Module).
  • Cell Phone Connect (Requires T1 Module) - allows calls to a specific extension to be forwarded to a personal speed dial number outside of the Partner System
  • Remote Call Forward - provides call forwarding without requiring the T1 module.
  • Caller ID delivered to station when transferred from Auto Attendant - delivers Caller ID information to a display telephone for any call that is connected directly or transferred from the Auto Attendant, ASA, or DXD.
  • Dual-line Caller ID support puts the caller's name and number on your telephone display
  • 2 PC Card slots for backup/restore of system programming, voice messaging PC cards, ASA/DXD, and software upgrades
  • Direct connection of analog answering machines, fax machines, telephones, and modems to station ports
  • 100 programmable system speed dial numbers
  • Internal call forwarding and call follow me
  • 2 contact-closure connections to control door locks, security systems, and other devices by using contact-closure adjunct
  • Music port for digital music on hold system
  • SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording) port
  • Built-in Paging Port
  • 2 Power failure transfer ports
  • Installation and Programming Manuals CD and AC Power Cord included
  • One Year Warranty


  • PC card is optional.
  • Support of 1600 DSL module, a module that contains up to 16 lines on one line jack
  • Option of: Silver Remote Access Backup/Restore Card (New Processor) or Green Backup/Restore Card (Like New Processor)
  • Compatibility

    • Compatible with Partner Voice Messaging PC Cards, Partner Mail VS, and Partner Messaging Release 1.0 voice mail systems
    • Compatible with Computer Telephony Integration via PassageWay TAPI (Telephony Application Program Interface) based solutions
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