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Nortel Norstar ATA2 (NT8B90AL, A0636406)

by Nortel

Nortel Norstar ATA2 (NT8B90AL, A0636406)
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Nortel Norstar Analog Terminal Adpater - ATA2 (NT8B90AL, A0636406)

The Nortel Norstar Analog Terminal Adapter - ATA2 is the most recent model of the ATA, the ATA2 will allow for users to convert the Norstar digital interface to Analog for communication with numerous analog devices.


  • Converts the Norstar Digital Interface to analog for communication with analog devices, such as:
    single line telephones, fax machines, modems and answering machines
  • single line sets can interface with norstar system features such as call waiting & call forward
  • Provides a connection between a single line set to the norstar system in either a long loop or off-premise extension configuration
  • ATA-2 Supports faster data transmission speeds, up to 28.8 Kbps


  • Compatible with CICS any release, MICS any release, 3X8 DR1 (3X8, 6X16, 8X24) and 3X8 DR5.1
  • Compatible with Compact DR2/DR5/DR5-DS, Modular DR2 or higher and Nortel BCM
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