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Nortel Meridian - Dual Port DTI/PRI Cards

by Nortel

Nortel Meridian - Dual Port DTI/PRI Cards
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Description of the Nortel Meridian Dual Port DTI/PRI Cards

The Nortel Meridian Dual Port DTI/PRI Cards will provide users with a T1 card that will come equipped with a single slot circuit pack that can be configurable. The Dual Port DTI/PRI Card comes in multiple versions, select your specific model number above in the options drop down box.

Model Options:

  • NT5D12AA
  • NT5D12AB
  • NT5D12AC
  • NT5D12AD
  • NT5D12AF
  • NT5D12AG
  • NT5D12AH


  • T1 Card
  • Single Slot Circuit Pack
    Provides for 2 T1 or 2 PRI on 1 Circuit Card
    Provides two ports - each of which are configurable in any combination of
    24 DTI channels or 23 B+D channels
  • Optional Dual-Port Daughterboard (NTBK51AA) is used for PRI applications as an alternative
    to existing external D-channel handler packs and associated cables
  • One Year Warranty


  • Compatible with Option 21 to 81 Systems
  • Daughter card required for PRI
  • Compatible with the Meridian 61C and 81C Systems
  • Compatible with SL1 and M1 Systems
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