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Nortel BCM-DDIM Digital Drop & Insert MUX - NT5B52AAAA

by Nortel

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Description of the Nortel BCM-DDIM Digital Drop & Insert MUX Media Bay Module (NT5B52AAAA)

The Nortel BCM-DDIM Digital Drop and Insert MUX is a media bay module that will provide users with the use to split date and voice channels with their existing BCM 200 and 400.


  • Enables BCM systems to share its connection to a universal T1 network with a local area network (LAN)
    to provide a combination of voice and data channels
  • Provides functionality of DI (T1 digital lines only)
  • Splits the incoming T1 line so that some of the lines are used for voice traffic
    and some of the lines are used for data traffic
  • Provides either the channel service unit (CSU) or data service unit (DSU) functionality
    to support connections to data terminal equipment (DTE), such as a router or a bridge
  • Provides end-to-end transparent bit service
  • Supports loopbacks between the BCM system and the internal BCM components
    and between the BCM system and digital terminal equipment


  • Compatible with the BCM 200/400 Main Unit, BCM400 Expansion Unit and BCM50 Expansion Unit
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