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Norstar T24 Key Indicator Module

by Norstar/Nortel/Avaya (NT8B29AAAA, NT8B29AAAB)

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Norstar T-Series Digital Telephones

The Norstar T-Series portfolio consists of the T7100, T7208, T7317, T7316E, T7406, T7406E, and T24 Expansion Module. These phones are good for businesses needing basic telephony features. Arraying from phones that work for low to very high call volume traffic.

Description of the Norstar T24 KIM (Key Indicator Module) - (NT8B29AAAA, NT8B29AAAB)

The Nortel T24 Norstar or KLM is the key lamp module for the T7316E version telephone. The T-24 is compatible with CICS/MICS control units Release 6.1 and up.

The Norstar T24 KIM (Key Indicator Module) NEW provides busy lamp field and direct station select.


  • T7316E + T24 Key Indicator Module replaces the M7324 + CAP combination.
  • System powered by Business Communications Manager (BCM) or Norstar CICS/MICS
    - no auxiliary power needed.
  • Can attach up to 4 T24 KIM to T7316E.


  • Compatible with BCM R3.5 or CICS/MICS R6.1.


I am a receptionist for a busy attorney office. I wouldn’t be able to do my job at all, let alone well, without the KIM. This allows me to quickly see who is on the phone and keep track of where all of our calls are going. If you have phone lines ringing constantly, the T7316e and T24 KIM is the way to go!Š’
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