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Norstar BRI 4-Port Station Card (NT7B87GA)

by Nortel

Norstar BRI 4-Port Station Card (NT7B87GA)
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Norstar BRI 4-Port Station Card (NT7B87GA)

The Norstar BRI 4-Port Station Card will provide users with 4 loops (2 B Channels) - requires a service card.


  • Supports four ISDN-BRI U Interface per cartridge
  • Integrated Network Termination Type 1 (NT1) functionality
  • Interfaces can be individually configured to be a network interface or a station side equipment interface
  • LED on cartridge faceplate gives visual indication of circuit station (activated or deactivated)


  • Compatible with Compact ICS core, Modular ICS core and Fiber Trunk Module
  • Requires Services Cartridge or Combintion Services Cartridge on Compact ICS
  • Requires either the Service Cartridge or the Combination Fiber 6-Port Service Cartridge on the Modular ICS
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