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Nortel 616 DS with DR5 (616DSDR5)

by Nortel

Nortel 616 DS with DR5 (616DSDR5)
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Norstar 616 DS with DR5 Software

The Norstar 616 DS with DR5 Software will provide users with up to six lines and sixteen expansions as well as the control unit with disconnect supervision. This device is designed for smaller companies/divisions of companies that typically plan on no future expansion of their phone system beyond the capacity of the 616.


  • Recommended feature for Norstar Voicemail Applications
  • System Speed Dial Numbers, User Names, Time and Date Processes
  • Call Handling
  • Restrictions and Overrides
  • Auxiliary Ringing
  • Background Music
  • Call Forward, Call Forward Override, Call Pick up, Call Pick up Group and Conference/Transfer
  • Night Service
  • Ring, Message and Feature Options
  • Voice Call and Voice Call Deny


  • Compatible with Compact 6x16 Key Service Unit and Modular 824 Key Service Unit
  • Compatible with Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR1)
  • Compatible with CTA 100, CTA 160i and CTA 200 devices
  • Compatible with a Data Comm Interface (DCI), Voice Mail Interface and Analog Terminal Adpater (ATA)
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