Norstar Modular ICS (MICS)

The Norstar 0 x 32 Modular ICS (MICS) R7.1 provides the most power and speed ever available in a business communication system. Its ingenious combination of hardware and software puts this new system in a class by itself . The Norstar Modular ICS is designed from the "ground up" to take full advantage of the very latest advances in digital technology and communications. 

Norstar MICS Control Unit- KeycodesmoreNorstar MICS Control Unit- Keycodes
Norstar Fiber Expansion Modules (12x0, 0x16, 008ASM)moreNorstar Fiber Expansion Modules (12x0, 0x16, 008ASM)Norstar MICS (0x32) Modular Cartridges and KeycodesmoreNorstar MICS (0x32) Modular Cartridges and Keycodes
Norstar MICS (0x32) SoftwaremoreNorstar MICS (0x32) Software
Norstar MICS NVRAM Cartridge - (NTBB08GA)
Norstar MICS NVRAM Cartridge - (NTBB08GA)
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