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Executone/Executone/Medley/IDS Telephone Tips

Executone/Medley/IDS Telephone Tips


Voice Mail Operations

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Operations


Take an Incoming Call:

  • From a ringing phone, lift the handset or press HF for hands-free use.
  • From a non-ringing phone, press the blinking line key.

Handle Multiple Calls:

  • Put the first call on hold by pressing the Hold/DND key.
  • Press the blinking line key to answer the 2nd call.
  • Put the 2nd call on hold.
  • Return to the 1st call by pressing the line key.

Place an Intercom Call

Using a Name Key:

  • Press a name key and begin speaking.

If you do not have a name key:

  • Press "MORE" or "F2".
  • Press the ICM key.
  • Enter the extension number and begin speaking

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Transfer a Call to an Extension

Using a Name Key:

  • Press the name key.
  • Announce the call or hang up to complete the transfer.

If you do not have a name key:

  • Press "TR/CN" and dial the extension number.
  • Announce the call or hang up to complete the transfer.

Transfer a Call to Voice Mail:

  • Press the VM Key
  • Dial the extension number.
  • Hang up

Use Call Monitor (Screening):

  • Press "MORE" or the "F2" key.
  • Press the "MON" key.
  • Any incoming voice mai lmessage will be played through the speaker.
  • To intercept the call, lift the handset or press the "HF" key.

Turn Call Monitor Off:

  • Press "MORE" or "F2".
  • Press "MON".
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Place a Call in Park:

Allows a call to be placed where it can be picked up at any station.

  • Press "PARK"
  • Choose a zone (1-3) and hang up.

Retrieve a Call From Park:

  • Press "PARK"
  • Enter the corresponding park station

Page Someone:

  • Press the "PAGE" Key.
  • Press "0".
  • Make your announcement and hang up.

Recording and Playing Conversations:

Record a Conversation:
Note: Questions regarding recording intrastate wireline conversations should be addressed to your state public utility commission. Regarding interstate conversations, be aware that several states require, under most circumstances, the consent of all parties to a conversation. Exemptions may exist in certain situations.

  • Press "MORE" or "F2".
  • Press "REC" to begin recording.
  • End recording by pressing "REC" again or by hanging up.

Play a Recorded Conversation:

  • Press the "VM" key.
  • Press the "REC" key.
  • The Newest recording plays first.

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  • Press "MORE" or "F2".
  • Press the "RDL" key.

Change a Phone's Ring Tone:

  • Press "Menu" or "F1".
  • Dial "41"
  • Listen to ring tones by pressing 1,2,3 or 4.
  • Press "#" to select a tone.

Change a Phone's Ring Volume:

  • Press "Menu" or "F1".
  • Dial "42".
  • Listen to ring tones by pressing 1,2,3 or 4.
  • Press "#" to select.

Change the Handset or Speaker Volume While on a Call:

  • Press "MORE" or "F2".
  • The display shows "Vol+" or "Vol-".
  • Press the key under the display until you hear the desired volume.

Place a Call Using System Speed Dial:

  • Press the 3-digit access number (600-699)

Answer a Call Ringing at Another Extension:

  • Press the "Pick UP" key.
  • Press the name key of the extension that is receiving the call.

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Initiate a Conference Call:

  • While on a call, press "TR/CN".
  • Place the next call.
  • Press "TR/CN" again to connect all parties.
  • This maybe repeated to include a fourth party if desired.

Mute my Phone While I'm on a Call:

  • Press the "MUTE" key.

Forward Calls to Another Extension or Voice Mail Box:

  • Press the "FWD" key.
  • Press "VM" to transfer to voicemail.
  • Press the extension number to forward calls to another station.

Cancel Call Forwarding:

  • Press the "FWD" key twice.

Check the Settings of a Programmable Key:

  • Press "MENU".
  • Enter "03".
  • As you press each key, its programming will be displayed.

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Use a Headset:

When using a headset, the hookswitch is disabled. Use "HF" to connect to or disconnect from a call.

Place a Call Using a Headset:

  1. Press the "HF" key.
  2. Press a line key.
  3. Enter the phone number.

Change a Station's Display Name:

Change the LED read out at the top of the phone.

  1. Press the MENU key.
  2. Press PARK 3 key.
  3. Input the Installer Password. It is 789# at default.
  4. Dial 3 for Station Programming.
  5. Dial 1 for Extension Definition and Routing.
  6. Dial the Extension number of the phone you want to program then dial #.
  7. Dial in the letters for the display.
  8. Dial # then # again.
  9. Hang up.

Voice Mail Operations

Change My Voice Mail Password:

  • Press "MENU".
  • Press "5".
  • Press "1".
  • At the prompt, enter a new password.

Access Voice Mail:

  • Press the "VM" key.
  • Enter your password and follow the prompts.

Access Voice Mail from Outside the Office:

  • Call in to your office
  • Dial "*".
  • Dial your mailbox (extension) number.

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Leave a Message for an Internal Extension:

  • Press "VM".
  • Press the name key.
  • Enter the extension of the person you wish to leave a message for.
  • Press "1" to skip the greeting.

Record a Personal Greeting.

  • Press "MENU" of "F1".
  • Enter "11".
  • Begin speaking at the tone.
  • Press "1" to stop.

Example Greeting:

"Hello, you have reaced the voice mailbox for ......... Please leave a detailed message so that I can get back to you with the information you need. If you let me know the best time to reach you I will try to get back to you then. Thank you for your call."

Access a Guest Voice Mailbox:

  • Press the "VM" button on any phone.
  • Press "*" and the mailbox number. (ACD)

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Automatic Call Distribution Operations

Log in to ACD:

  • Press the "LOG" key.

"WRAP" Mode:

When you end a call, going in to "WRAP" delays the assignment of the next ACD call to you so you have time to complete any wrap-up activities before taking another call.

Use the "WRAP" key:

  • While logged on as an ACD agent, press the "WRAP" key prior to disconnecting with the caller.

Manually End "WRAP" Mode:

  • Press "WRAP" key.


# Instructions provided herein will not work on all configurations. Some features may require additional hardware or specific software versions.
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