CITEL _ MCK 6000 PBX GATEWAY (E-6000G-SPM12, E-6000-SPM12) PAN 12 Port

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CITEL / MCK 6000 PBX GATEWAY (E-6000G-SPM12, E-6000-SPM12) PANASONIC 12 Port

The CITEL / MCK 6000 PBX GATEWAY (E-6000G-SPM12, E-6000-SPM12) PANASONIC 12_Port works with leading PBX platforms and digital handsets over T1, ISDN, Frame Relay, and IP connections. The EXTender 6000 is available in 8-port or 12-port configurations, and is ideal in offices with as few as five to as many as several hundred employees. It easily scales with the growth of the enterprise: when new employees are added, simply utilize an available EXTender port or, when capacity is reached, add another EXTender. In addition, the EXTender 6000 supports several voice compression rates, allowing the enterprise to select the rate best for its network. In enterprises with multiple locations, remote office PBX or KTS systems often lack many of the features, applications, and connectivity of the headquarters location. With the Citel EXTender 6000, remote offices and workers have seamless access to the corporate voice network, regardless of geographic location. All employees utilize a single, unified PBX platform, increasing productivity and reducing operational expenditures. To deploy Citel's EXTender 6000 solution, simply install one or more units at each branch office, and a compatible Citel PBXgateway at the corporate location.


  • Delivers the full set of PBX/KTS features and functionality to remote branch office users
  • Terminates the digital sets and external network interface devices
  • Connects to either one of the EXTender PBXgateways
  • Can be managed via a direct serial, Telnet or HTML connection
  • Supports circuit- and packet-based networks
  • One Year Warranty
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