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Nortel BCM 3.7 200 Base System 2 LAN-Standard (NT7B10AAEH)

by Nortel (NT7B10AAEH)

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Description of the Nortel BCM 3.7 200 Base System 2 LAN-Standard (NT7B10AAEH)

The Nortel BCM 3.7 200 Base System 2 LAN-Standard is available on the BCM200 platform - this will then provide two bays for media bay modules for its users. This system will deliver all the other features the BCM 3.0 delivered with the same high level of reliability and serviceability. This system is ideal for customers with 10 to 24 users per system who do not expect to grow past 32 users per system.


  • The BCM200 has a lower removable tray for improved serviceability of the platform in a lower-cost version
  • The BCM200 cannot be expanded using an Expansion Cabinet


  • System is initially configured 0x0 - By adding BCM key codes the main unit can be expanded to meet all of your phone needs
  • Multimedia Call Center
  • Voice Messaging, Message Networking, Fax Messaging and Unified Messaging
  • Professional Call Center and Reporting
  • Custom Call Routing (CRC)
  • Attendant Console
  • Personal Call Manager and Unified Manager
  • IP Phone Support
  • Built in Voice Mail (requires activation)


  • 256 MS SDRAM
  • 20 GB hard drive
  • 2 10/100 Ethernet ports (on-board)
  • 2 PCI slots (one used by the Media Services Card and one for adding a WAN interface card)
  • 350 watt power supply
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