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Avaya IP500 VCM 64 Base Card (700417397)

by Avaya

Avaya IP500 VCM 64 Base Card (700417397)
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Avaya IP500 VCM 64 Base Card (700417397)

The Avaya IP500 VCM 64 Base Card supplies voice compression channels for Avaya IP500 systems. IP trunk or IP endpoint applications will require voice compression channels in order to function.


  • Four RJ45 ports used for voice compression channels
  • Optional IP500 trunk interface card that uses these ports for trunk connections is supported - IP500 Analog Trunk 4, IP500 Universal PRI 1, IP500 Universal PRI 2
  • Two IP500 VCM 64 Base vard per IP500 control unit; 148 channel maximum
  • One Year Warranty Included with Extended Warranty Options at Low Prices!


  • IP Office 5.0 or lower - Provides 4 initial VCM channels with additional channels up to 32 being enabled by license
  • For IP Office 6.0 or higher - Provides all 32 VCM channels and includes 12 Avaya IP Endpoint licenses; additional Avaya IP telephones can be added by additional Avaya IP Endpoint licenses

Package Includes

  • Avaya IP500 VCM 64 Base Card
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